Saturday, June 22, 2013


After Kwame cut ties, Akosua thought about him night and day. Random tears were common, as many things would bring his handsome face to mind . Passion filled prayers asked God, why this was coming to pass. Meanwhile Kwame was taking the fact that Akosua respected his space, as the indication that she really never cared for him in the first place. He convinced himself that Akosua was living in the lap of luxury at home with her husband... and that she had only been using him. The situation was unfortunate for everyone, as Ebo also tried to connect with this visibly unhappy wife. One day, after Ebo had left for work. Akosua drove over to her church. She had set up some time to meet and discuss everything with her Pastor. After spilling the whole story, she confessed how torn she was between her husband and her love interest. She felt obligated to Ebo because she had struck covenant with him, but she loved and desired Kwame more than she could ever even remember loving her husband. The Pastor listened intently to a situation that he had heard countless times over the years... The grass glistening on the other side. Looking into Akosua's tearful red eyes, it was beyond a shadow of a doubt that she had fallen in love with Kwame. With simple advice he spoke sparingly, "If you ever worship something or someone more than God, he will remove it from your life". Her eyes collided with the Pastor's, understanding what she had just been told. She realized that with Kwame, the passion between the two of them would consume her, but with Ebo there was still plenty of area for God. The Pastor's words were simply a profound message from God.... enough closure for Akosua. Here she had been wrestling with the choice between love and obligation, when it was never about that... It was about her dedication to God and limiting anything or anyone that would create any distance between.