Monday, April 29, 2013

Mr Kwame Fuseni

As he watched the mystery woman exit the club, he felt some sort of void. Surrounded by vibrant party-goers, he couldnt escape the overwhelming feeling of loneliness. He headed towards the bar to have another drink to drown out his repetitive thoughts. Kwame was new to the states, relocating from Germany. Kwame had migrated with hopes of finding true love and fufilling career. over and over in his mind, he reminded himself that the sweet brown lady had kindly told him she was married as well as flashed a big shiny diamond wedding ring on her hand. Why she still was on his thoughts boggled him, but secretly he knew why. Kwame was a very shy man by nature, which was in total contrast to his huge frame. He stood 6'3 tall, 265 solid chocolate pounds. It had taken him all the courage in the world to approach her in the first place. Something about her set her apart from all the others in the club. Perhaps it was her confidence or her beauty... but Kwame couldn't get her off his mind. After two more beers, he gathered his thoughts and headed to the door to hail a taxi back to his downtown apartment. As he settled into one of the waiting cabs outside the club and the driver began to head in the direction of his home, Kwame took in all the sights of a bustling Atlanta friday night. He found it saddening that with so many people around him, he felt alone. Moving to the States had been a bold move for him, and he had no immediate family in proximity. With only a distant cousin located in Las Vegas he was the only one from his family in the U.S. He had been living in Atlanta for nearly a year, and had dated only one woman. He eased his thoughts, after all the Ghanaian community had been generous, preparing meals for him, inviting him to functions and helping him to get acclimated to the area. However, what Kwame wanted the most seemed a bit unattainable. At 39 years, he wondered if he had missed the opportunity to marry and have children, as it was unusual to reach the age without having either or both. In Germany, he had dated a German woman for many years that was obsessed with her career over establishing a family. He had waited, hoping for the day to come when they would make an addition to their love. As the years barreled by, Kwame found himself increasingly unhappy in the German environment. Racism was rampant and diversity was scarce. He arranged to journey to the States to begin a new life. It would certainly not be easy. His mind raced back to the woman at the club. He couldn't deny his overwhelming curiosity for her. The taxi pulled up to his residence. He paid the cabbie and approached his apartment door. Once inside, Kwame fell to his knees as tears streamed his face, "Lord, please... I can't not bare this loneliness anymore, please send me true love and allow me to begin a family, nothing means more to me other than you, Lord please" he prayed sincerely.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Kwame & Akosua

 She was beautiful. He was new to town... On one hot summer evening in Atlanta, Ga, Akosua decided to do something out of her comfort zone, and would prove to be a very compromising decision. Her husband, Ebo was away for business as usual. Ebo was very handsome, but a workaholic, which often left Akosua feeling lonely and neglected. She had heard a few co workers discussing a new African club, YIE earlier in the afternoon over lunch that had aroused her curiosity. Akosua lived a very charmed life. She drove a shiny black Mercedes, lived in a spacious suburban house and was consistently draped in the finest clothes.. however, Akosua would trade all the material things to have a very intimate connection with her husband, which she undoubtedly lacked. Ebo & Akosua had tried many things to infuse passion into their strained marriage, but it seemed that it never improved. Akosua blamed Ebo for traveling too much for work, and Ebo encouraged Akosua to find more things to do constructive with her time. The tension was always thick in their house, so on this night, Akosua simply wanted to unwind. Rarely the one for the party scene, she carefully picked out something sexy to wear upon arriving home from work. Somewhat excited, she showered, fixed her hair in a gorgeous updo, and painted her lips red to stand out from her black mini dress. She met a close friend, Adzo for a bit of dinner before heading over the club. As she entered the upscale club she saw very well dressed men & woman enjoying the nightlife, it was almost instantly she laid eyes on him, and him on her. Somewhat shaken from the intense eye connection, Akosua broke the gaze and began to move toward the dance floor, the Dj had just begun to play her favorite Azonto track. It wasn't a moment later before the incredibly handsome, tall mystery man was before her. His smile was perfect, his stylish suit fit his muscular frame succinctly.  Softly, he spoke "Good evening you gorgeous creature, I am Kwame. I would very much appreciate your company on this evening" the gentleman calmly requested. Looking over his smooth chocolate covered skin, Akosua was taken aback. He was even more stunning up close, and his cologne was irresistible. Without attempting to conceal anything from the fine looking man, "she blurted "I'm married sir, although I find you strikingly attractive.", hoping this would discontinue the conversation quickly. Kwame, looking noticeably disappointed, quickly apologized and excuse himself. From that point, they both tried to enjoy the evening, but were unable to control how the other was dominating their thoughts. Becoming frustrated at the situation she was in, Akosua left the party after only an hour. Kwame had stirred a forbidden desire in her that she could not rightfully entertain. As Akosua exited the party, Kwame's eyes followed her from the corner he had been standing, observing her,. He was unhappy that she was indeed married because he had detected the very strong connection between them within moments.... Little did they both know, it was only the beginning.