Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Thin Line

As anger welled up in her throat.. It was becoming painfully obvious. Kwame had chosen to proceed with his new girlfriend, over moving forward with Akosua. She was livid. All the love and passion she had for Kwame was transforming into hate. Making her question the validity of it in the first place. Now in an equal position, Kwame chose not too sacrifice, although he had expected Akosua to make one… Perhaps it was true that Kwame had his motives in the first place, and his love was never true. Many questions swirled her head as time slowly passed by and she heard no response from him. Akosua supposed that desperate people would rather take anything than wait, prepare or sacrifice for the better suited option. As she released him from her heart.. she wished him and his second choice all the best in the world…. A cheap substitute to the real thing, but a lot less risky…. Shaking her head she realized that the world as a whole is so mislead.. always willing to suffer through life because maybe they think they don’t deserve true happiness, never willing to make the tough choices. She resolved that after this sad situation that no one would ever have her whole heart again.. no one was true, and no one was worthy of it. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Feeling so relieved since dropping off her letter to Kwame, Akosua had been experiencing the best sleep she had in months and romantic dreams of her and Kwame. She dreamed of a beach side wedding ceremony in which Kwame was dressed in beautiful white linens. She dreamed of a relaxing hotel stay for Valentine's day... and the anticipation of seeing Kwame everyday after work. Hopeful she was able to go on, she prayed that love would bring them together after all the drama and confusion. Akosua was for certain that Kwame was her soulmate, and if at all possible, she didn't want to spend her life without him. As she readied for another nights rest... she smiled at the prospect of more dreams this night......

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Love is Stronger Than Pride

After Kwame's revelation of a new budding relationship, Akosua had to find something to take her mind off of him. She gained employment at a small florist shop to pass the time by. Time crawled by and day by day. At the Florist shop Akosua was bombarded by anxious brides, lovers and young couples coming to purchase flowers for their loved ones. Each time Kwame would come to the forefront of her thoughts. Akosua had been so overwhelmed by Kwame's interest and affection. After being involved with Ebo she was having an difficult time believing in a love that flowed so deep could come so quickly.. For seven months she worked at the florist and saved every check creating reserves for any quick move she might need to make. One day a young husband came anxious into the shop. With love in his eyes he requested two dozen white roses dipped in purple. "My wife absolutely loves these" he enthused. He then preceded to pull out a picture of his wife on the screen of Iphone. He began to tell their love story to the excited clerk wrapping the two dozen rose bouquet. Before she knew it, tears were streaming Akosua's cheeks. She missed Kwame.. his voice and his touch. She missed the way they would laugh in unison and the passionate kisses they had shared. She resolved to share these deep feelings with him as she was now in a better position to leave Ebo and pursue Kwame, if he would have her. After work she sat down to pen her thoughts in an intimate letter : 

My Precious Kwame,
Days go by slowly with the thought of you on my mind day and night. Absence has done nothing to ease the loss of your presence in my life. You are my soul mate and I have decided that no sacrifice is too great for us to be together. I am ready to leave everything behind to seek happiness with you, If you will have me. The choice is now yours.... my love...

                                                       Forever Yours,

She then preceded to drive to his house to deliver the note. The decision was now for Kwame to make... to have his soulmate, or take a chance on his new relationship.