Friday, May 24, 2013


The weeks began to barrel by As Kwame & Akosua spent more and more time together. They would take romantic walks hand in hand, kiss and hug often, and laugh the night away. It was bliss for the two of them, yet Kwame felt a reoccurring sense of uneasiness. He didn't know Ebo, and didn't inquire much of him, as the very acknowledgement, brought the reality full circle. Akosua was head over heels for the handsome man.. She asked herself over and over what the course of her life would be like if she had selected Kwame in the first place. Would the nights continue to be filled with passion or fade just as they had with Ebo? One evening as they strolled down the river walk taking in the gorgeous sights of the city evening, Kwame's soul troubled him. "Akosua, you know I care for you.... what do you suggest we do about the current situation. You do realize I can not carry on as the other man for so long. I wish to establish myself here in this country as well... to begin a family. You are my dream woman, perfectly my taste..." he trailed off. Sorrow washed over Akosua. She knew this day would come, and she honestly was so indifferent on what to do. On one hand.. she had gotten very accustomed to the lifestyle that Ebo had provided her, however, she didn't feel like it should come at the expense of her emotional happiness. She had long considered to go, even before Kwame had come into her life, but he certainly put it on the forefront. Akosua didnt work so financially, she was completely dependent on Ebo. He had bought her Mercedes and gave her a weekly stipend for gas, shopping and food. Whenever she considered to go, money was always the main concern she had. It was beyond obvious that she loved Kwame though... when they were apart, she dreamed of him & his sweet kisses. She longed to be at his side as the silence in her home ate her up.... "Kwame, I want all of the same things you do, and I love you so much" she answered without hesitation. Kwame's big smile spread across his smooth chocolate face, but then it quickly faded. "I could never ask you to leave your husband, but until you make a choice on what to do i believe that we should stop all this quality time. I love you as well, and it pains me greatly when you must leave me to go to your husband." Tears streamed Akosua's face instantly. "I respect you Kwame, I could not rightfully ask you to wait for me to organize myself. Financially I am in no position to move away. My husband cares for all my finances" she quietly spoke, "but I know the absence of each other's presence will not stop the love, not one bit". Kwame looked at the ground, he didnt want to stop seeing her, but he knew it was for the best. He didn't want God to be displeased with him for carrying on with a married woman, and he also feared a backlash from her unknown husband. "This may be true, but we must stop it. The sooner the better" he finished. The two avoided eye contact as they walked to their separate cars. "Please do take care of yourself honey" Kwame broke the silence. Akosua was visibly torn, and simply nodded as the sound of his voice triggered more tears. "Good evening" she replied and quickly got into her car. Kwame felt low, but he knew that something had to give... The more he was with her... the more he wanted her, and he knew as it stood, he could not have her.

Monday, May 20, 2013


A wash of emotions came over Kwame.. Akosua had continued to be on his mind since the evening at the club, and here she was.. again, standing before him at the market. Akosua was blushing uncontrollably. She couldn't believe she had run into Kwame again so soon. Her brown skinned was even toned. Kwame was smitten. Her big brown eyes twinkled at Kwame.. this moment was to intense for both of them. "Madam, I don't even believe you mentioned your name last evening?" "I am Akosua" she replied bashfully. Something about this man made Akosua so shy, but she loved it. As she looked up at the tall chocolate Kwame, she noticed his full lips.. Suddenly she felt the urge to kiss him... to wrap him in a hug. I had been weeks since she had had any affection from Ebo. She pulled her thoughts back.. Kwame was having an profound effect on her, and it was scaring her. "Perhaps we could have a coffee sometime, I mean, As friends of course" she boldly blurted. Kwame's eyes got big at the shocking request. Under any usual circumstances he would refuse to entertain a married woman, but Akosua was absolutely irresistible. This was the beginning...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


As Akosua prepared dinner for Ebo's return. She felt so much in despair. She had asked God why her marriage was going in the way that it was, and when or if it would get better. In the beginning, Ebo had been so sweet... noticing every detail. Coming from an affluent family, it had always been Akosua's wish to have a loving husband. the home environment she was raised in was very contractual. Her father, Kofi, brought in the money ,meanwhile her mother, Abana, held down the household & children. There were no kisses that Akosua could see... no surprise gifts or romantic trips.Vowing to be different, Akosua, the oldest of three daughters and two sons, was very selective in finding a mate.. She had almost become somewhat of a trophy, because she had rejected so many sons of prominent members of the community. The day she met Ebo, she was impressed. He seemed to be humble but ambitious.. but it was so obvious that he loved her, quickly. When he surprised her with a proposal on one of their many impromptu dates, Akosua did not hesitate to respond. Both families were elated about the union. The wedding took place very soon after the engagement, as both Ebo and Akosua couldn't wait to begin their life together. Within the first year of marriage, they fought continuously...and the household was tense. Akosua held on her strong Christian faith, maintaining that God had delivered this husband to her, and that it would get better. It wasn't until the third year that she began to lose hope.... Everyone had told her marriage was tough, but how long was there to be friction? Ebo refused to bend to her tearful pleas for more affection and intimacy, assuring her that her luxurious life was enough, and that Akosua was ungrateful. Ebo's strong approach to his wife, widened the distance. Akosua pondered fate..... if this was God's plan for her life or if there was someone else, or more to it. How long should Akosua invest or hope... meanwhile life passes by so quickly.... She was at a loss at what to do. As she prepared his favorite rice, she realized she was without the plaintains that always accompanied this meal. She pulled the rice off the stove, and slid some sandals on her bare feet to run to the market to purchase some. The African market was not far off her house, and in no time she was pulling up and rushing inside. As she pulled open the door, Kwame was before her, sexy as ever. She gasped, knowing immediately who he was. "Madam" he spoke shyly as he backed up from the doorway allowing her to pass. "Kwame".... she said, blushing. "how have you been?" she politely asked. "I am managing.. life in America is not easy, but with the Lord's help, I will be made strong" he replied earnestly.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mr. Ebo Otanga

Ebo, Akosua's husband, sat in an empty office furiously typing away at his computer. Glancing at the clock, he noticed it was nearing midnight. "Perhaps, it is enough" he thought as he folded some papers and gathered his laptop. Ebo had tediously worked his way up the corporate latter at the experienced Partners Marketing Group. Ebo was the director of the education division that outfitted many commercials for local universities and colleges. He felt confident and content with his life except for one particular area, his wife Akosua. It seemed that with all the luxuries he provided for her, she still was unhappy. They had no children, at her beckoning.. claiming that Ebo was always on the road, and that she didn't want to be a single married mother to any offspring they would have. Ebo didn't understand her... so many women would be pleased with all that he graciously provided Akosua, but she was distant and often frustrated. He sighed at the confusion of it. He partially believed being in the midst of the U.S. was to blame.. because if they resided in their native Ghana, he was certain Akosua would be happy. He believed the wretched media was influencing his wife to desire passionate nights filled with lovemaking, walks in the park and probing stimulating conversations. As he fastened his Calvin Klein tan trench coat he prepared to leave the Minnesota interim office. He would be returning to Atlanta early the next day, and dreaded the cold reception that commonly accompanied his homecomings. he had always thought with time, they would be able to smooth over the rough areas, but Akosua had only become more and more bitter. Ebo lived by the mantra that tomorrow is another day, another chance to turn it around.... and even with the uncertain thoughts of his wife and marriage... he concluded to let tomorrow worry about itself upon leaving the office.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Oh Akosua

Into the cloak of night she fled the bustling party. She was so shaken by Kwame and the strong connection she felt with him, she couldn't enjoy the party without wondering where he was and if he was watching. It was so unnerving. As she drove into the warm summer night, she observed a pair of lovers holding hands, smiling and occasionally stopping to kiss, oblivious of any possible onlookers. Her thoughts went to her unhappy challenging marriage, she couldn't even remember happy times with Ebo.. day by day, it felt as if she was grinding against stone. Ebo was so serious, and focused on tomorrow, it made it difficult to enjoy life at his side. Akosua had long been considering her options as the years brought no improvement. It had been so long since she felt the passionate fire that Kwame stirred in her. Pulling up to a darkened house, Akosua resolved to see him again.....