Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lies and Anger

As Ebo carefully poured lies into Kwame's mind..... Kwame became enraged. He had never been so totally outdone in his life. Ebo knew what he was doing... he had seen the change in Akosua and he knew that she must have feelings for Kwame. What better way to ensure that the romance went no further then to lie to Kwame he thought. Sadly, Kwame fell right into his trap. As a few more weeks passed by after the call, and without any word from Kwame, Akosua reached out, only to be met with fiery anger on the other line. "How dare you?!" Kwame growled into the phone. "All your lies Akosua have mounted on you.... and I thought you loved me, thought you were just in a bad situation" Akosua, stunned, was quiet. She did not know where his anger was seeping from...... but within moments she would understand. "Your husband contacted me, Akosua. He told me everything. I don't want to see or hear from you ever again.... and I will be moving in two weeks time to California to be away from you, and this situation. You are an evil woman." Kwame spit his words into the phone before quickly hanging up. The bombshell caused crocodile tears to swell up in Akosua's eyes... She was so heartbroken and miserable. "How could Ebo?", she questioned. "How dare he!"

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Without Akosua's knowledge, Ebo contacted the unknowing Kwame later on that evening, requesting a face to face meeting. Kwame, overly convicted by Ebo's humble and respectful request; refused. Ebo appeared to be so kind and concerned for his wife's welfare. He told Kwame he didn't understand why his wife was so unhappy, that he had tried to provide her everything. Kwame's stomach knotted up tight as he listened. Suddenly he was enraged with Akosua... "How could she be so dishonest about her husband?" he thought.... Kwame then vowed to Ebo to never ever be in contact with Akosua  again.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Although Akosua tried to release Kwame from her thoughts.... she couldn't warm up to the temperamental Ebo, and silently he was becoming more and more curious to find the root of his wife's mysterious behavior.It was obvious.... something had changed with his wife. She was avoiding eye contact, crying often, and very withdrawn. over the previous weeks she had been unusually happy.. singing, dressing well and wearing lipstick. One night after she had returned from the gym and was showering, Ebo snooped through her phone and found a few saved most cherished texts messages from Kwame.. 

You, Precious woman remain on my 
thoughts day & night.

You are my taste.

Glory to God for allowing 
us to cross paths dear Akosua

After a reading just a few, Ebo found his core boiling..... It all made sense. Akosua had been carrying on with someone else. He took down the number and readied to speak to this character about the nature of his relationship with his wife. On the other side of town, Kwame had begun dating another girl.. but still plagued of dreams of Akosua. She would forever be in his heart.