Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Hurtful Truth

Engaged in an passionate kiss, Akosua felt so complete. She reveled in his strong arms, but suddenly Kwame pulled away from her. His eves looked serious, but she was confused. "Why have you come here Akosua?" He asked as he looked away. "I've come because I missed you... to find out what is creating the distance between us....." She responded immediately. Taking a deep breath to calm his anger he paced himself. "One thing has come between us, and it is your husband. You refuse to find a solution, yet it is ok. I have begun a new relationship, and I am happy." he shared. Akosua's eyes welled up with tears... she had feared this would happen. Although  never for her, seemed that others could move on from love so quickly. She knew once she met him that she would spend years in love with his memory as he could effortlessly put her in the past. Embarrassed, she realized she should have never come, but more so, she wished that the whole incident never ever came to pass. Without another word she turned around, grabbed her keys and walked out. She would never see him again.

Friday, August 23, 2013


A few weeks had passed since Akosua had the startling conversation with Kwame, and she was tired of all the mental questions she continue to ask herself. Ebo had been behaving more confidently than usual. Akosua decided to pay Kwame a visit. She hoped he hadn't moved or better yet, that it was a ruse. She dressed carefully in a silk shirt, pearls, and linen pants. She slid her perfectly pedicured toes in a nice pair of cream colored sandals. She readied herself for whatever reaction he might have, but regardless... she wanted to meet with him in person. With a few squirts of Chanel perfume, she grabbed her keys, strolled past Ebo on the couch without speaking one word. She started her car,and began the familiar journey to Kwame's house. When she arrived, she thankfully saw his black car parked in the drive. Her heart began to leap as the thought of being face to face with him entered her mind. She knocked at the door as her heart began to thump strongly. She didn't care what reaction Kwame had.. she longed to just see him again, in any capacity. As the door slowly opened, Kwame was surprised to see Akosua in front of him. His immediate reaction was shock. "Akosua, what are you doing here?" He questioned. Looking around he quickly ushered her inside. "Are you sure no one has followed you?". " I am sure" Akosua replied, "But what I wish to know is why you have been behaving in such a way.. I have missed you,and the stakes are high now. I don't care.. I needed to come to you".Before she could continue, Kwame wrapped her in his strong arms and planted a kiss on her lips. He had missed her everyday, and never imagined she would be in his company. He couldn't resist.