Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Thin Line

As anger welled up in her throat.. It was becoming painfully obvious. Kwame had chosen to proceed with his new girlfriend, over moving forward with Akosua. She was livid. All the love and passion she had for Kwame was transforming into hate. Making her question the validity of it in the first place. Now in an equal position, Kwame chose not too sacrifice, although he had expected Akosua to make one… Perhaps it was true that Kwame had his motives in the first place, and his love was never true. Many questions swirled her head as time slowly passed by and she heard no response from him. Akosua supposed that desperate people would rather take anything than wait, prepare or sacrifice for the better suited option. As she released him from her heart.. she wished him and his second choice all the best in the world…. A cheap substitute to the real thing, but a lot less risky…. Shaking her head she realized that the world as a whole is so mislead.. always willing to suffer through life because maybe they think they don’t deserve true happiness, never willing to make the tough choices. She resolved that after this sad situation that no one would ever have her whole heart again.. no one was true, and no one was worthy of it. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Feeling so relieved since dropping off her letter to Kwame, Akosua had been experiencing the best sleep she had in months and romantic dreams of her and Kwame. She dreamed of a beach side wedding ceremony in which Kwame was dressed in beautiful white linens. She dreamed of a relaxing hotel stay for Valentine's day... and the anticipation of seeing Kwame everyday after work. Hopeful she was able to go on, she prayed that love would bring them together after all the drama and confusion. Akosua was for certain that Kwame was her soulmate, and if at all possible, she didn't want to spend her life without him. As she readied for another nights rest... she smiled at the prospect of more dreams this night......

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Love is Stronger Than Pride

After Kwame's revelation of a new budding relationship, Akosua had to find something to take her mind off of him. She gained employment at a small florist shop to pass the time by. Time crawled by and day by day. At the Florist shop Akosua was bombarded by anxious brides, lovers and young couples coming to purchase flowers for their loved ones. Each time Kwame would come to the forefront of her thoughts. Akosua had been so overwhelmed by Kwame's interest and affection. After being involved with Ebo she was having an difficult time believing in a love that flowed so deep could come so quickly.. For seven months she worked at the florist and saved every check creating reserves for any quick move she might need to make. One day a young husband came anxious into the shop. With love in his eyes he requested two dozen white roses dipped in purple. "My wife absolutely loves these" he enthused. He then preceded to pull out a picture of his wife on the screen of Iphone. He began to tell their love story to the excited clerk wrapping the two dozen rose bouquet. Before she knew it, tears were streaming Akosua's cheeks. She missed Kwame.. his voice and his touch. She missed the way they would laugh in unison and the passionate kisses they had shared. She resolved to share these deep feelings with him as she was now in a better position to leave Ebo and pursue Kwame, if he would have her. After work she sat down to pen her thoughts in an intimate letter : 

My Precious Kwame,
Days go by slowly with the thought of you on my mind day and night. Absence has done nothing to ease the loss of your presence in my life. You are my soul mate and I have decided that no sacrifice is too great for us to be together. I am ready to leave everything behind to seek happiness with you, If you will have me. The choice is now yours.... my love...

                                                       Forever Yours,

She then preceded to drive to his house to deliver the note. The decision was now for Kwame to make... to have his soulmate, or take a chance on his new relationship.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Hurtful Truth

Engaged in an passionate kiss, Akosua felt so complete. She reveled in his strong arms, but suddenly Kwame pulled away from her. His eves looked serious, but she was confused. "Why have you come here Akosua?" He asked as he looked away. "I've come because I missed you... to find out what is creating the distance between us....." She responded immediately. Taking a deep breath to calm his anger he paced himself. "One thing has come between us, and it is your husband. You refuse to find a solution, yet it is ok. I have begun a new relationship, and I am happy." he shared. Akosua's eyes welled up with tears... she had feared this would happen. Although  never for her, seemed that others could move on from love so quickly. She knew once she met him that she would spend years in love with his memory as he could effortlessly put her in the past. Embarrassed, she realized she should have never come, but more so, she wished that the whole incident never ever came to pass. Without another word she turned around, grabbed her keys and walked out. She would never see him again.

Friday, August 23, 2013


A few weeks had passed since Akosua had the startling conversation with Kwame, and she was tired of all the mental questions she continue to ask herself. Ebo had been behaving more confidently than usual. Akosua decided to pay Kwame a visit. She hoped he hadn't moved or better yet, that it was a ruse. She dressed carefully in a silk shirt, pearls, and linen pants. She slid her perfectly pedicured toes in a nice pair of cream colored sandals. She readied herself for whatever reaction he might have, but regardless... she wanted to meet with him in person. With a few squirts of Chanel perfume, she grabbed her keys, strolled past Ebo on the couch without speaking one word. She started her car,and began the familiar journey to Kwame's house. When she arrived, she thankfully saw his black car parked in the drive. Her heart began to leap as the thought of being face to face with him entered her mind. She knocked at the door as her heart began to thump strongly. She didn't care what reaction Kwame had.. she longed to just see him again, in any capacity. As the door slowly opened, Kwame was surprised to see Akosua in front of him. His immediate reaction was shock. "Akosua, what are you doing here?" He questioned. Looking around he quickly ushered her inside. "Are you sure no one has followed you?". " I am sure" Akosua replied, "But what I wish to know is why you have been behaving in such a way.. I have missed you,and the stakes are high now. I don't care.. I needed to come to you".Before she could continue, Kwame wrapped her in his strong arms and planted a kiss on her lips. He had missed her everyday, and never imagined she would be in his company. He couldn't resist.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lies and Anger

As Ebo carefully poured lies into Kwame's mind..... Kwame became enraged. He had never been so totally outdone in his life. Ebo knew what he was doing... he had seen the change in Akosua and he knew that she must have feelings for Kwame. What better way to ensure that the romance went no further then to lie to Kwame he thought. Sadly, Kwame fell right into his trap. As a few more weeks passed by after the call, and without any word from Kwame, Akosua reached out, only to be met with fiery anger on the other line. "How dare you?!" Kwame growled into the phone. "All your lies Akosua have mounted on you.... and I thought you loved me, thought you were just in a bad situation" Akosua, stunned, was quiet. She did not know where his anger was seeping from...... but within moments she would understand. "Your husband contacted me, Akosua. He told me everything. I don't want to see or hear from you ever again.... and I will be moving in two weeks time to California to be away from you, and this situation. You are an evil woman." Kwame spit his words into the phone before quickly hanging up. The bombshell caused crocodile tears to swell up in Akosua's eyes... She was so heartbroken and miserable. "How could Ebo?", she questioned. "How dare he!"

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Without Akosua's knowledge, Ebo contacted the unknowing Kwame later on that evening, requesting a face to face meeting. Kwame, overly convicted by Ebo's humble and respectful request; refused. Ebo appeared to be so kind and concerned for his wife's welfare. He told Kwame he didn't understand why his wife was so unhappy, that he had tried to provide her everything. Kwame's stomach knotted up tight as he listened. Suddenly he was enraged with Akosua... "How could she be so dishonest about her husband?" he thought.... Kwame then vowed to Ebo to never ever be in contact with Akosua  again.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Although Akosua tried to release Kwame from her thoughts.... she couldn't warm up to the temperamental Ebo, and silently he was becoming more and more curious to find the root of his wife's mysterious behavior.It was obvious.... something had changed with his wife. She was avoiding eye contact, crying often, and very withdrawn. over the previous weeks she had been unusually happy.. singing, dressing well and wearing lipstick. One night after she had returned from the gym and was showering, Ebo snooped through her phone and found a few saved most cherished texts messages from Kwame.. 

You, Precious woman remain on my 
thoughts day & night.

You are my taste.

Glory to God for allowing 
us to cross paths dear Akosua

After a reading just a few, Ebo found his core boiling..... It all made sense. Akosua had been carrying on with someone else. He took down the number and readied to speak to this character about the nature of his relationship with his wife. On the other side of town, Kwame had begun dating another girl.. but still plagued of dreams of Akosua. She would forever be in his heart. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013


After Kwame cut ties, Akosua thought about him night and day. Random tears were common, as many things would bring his handsome face to mind . Passion filled prayers asked God, why this was coming to pass. Meanwhile Kwame was taking the fact that Akosua respected his space, as the indication that she really never cared for him in the first place. He convinced himself that Akosua was living in the lap of luxury at home with her husband... and that she had only been using him. The situation was unfortunate for everyone, as Ebo also tried to connect with this visibly unhappy wife. One day, after Ebo had left for work. Akosua drove over to her church. She had set up some time to meet and discuss everything with her Pastor. After spilling the whole story, she confessed how torn she was between her husband and her love interest. She felt obligated to Ebo because she had struck covenant with him, but she loved and desired Kwame more than she could ever even remember loving her husband. The Pastor listened intently to a situation that he had heard countless times over the years... The grass glistening on the other side. Looking into Akosua's tearful red eyes, it was beyond a shadow of a doubt that she had fallen in love with Kwame. With simple advice he spoke sparingly, "If you ever worship something or someone more than God, he will remove it from your life". Her eyes collided with the Pastor's, understanding what she had just been told. She realized that with Kwame, the passion between the two of them would consume her, but with Ebo there was still plenty of area for God. The Pastor's words were simply a profound message from God.... enough closure for Akosua. Here she had been wrestling with the choice between love and obligation, when it was never about that... It was about her dedication to God and limiting anything or anyone that would create any distance between.

Friday, May 24, 2013


The weeks began to barrel by As Kwame & Akosua spent more and more time together. They would take romantic walks hand in hand, kiss and hug often, and laugh the night away. It was bliss for the two of them, yet Kwame felt a reoccurring sense of uneasiness. He didn't know Ebo, and didn't inquire much of him, as the very acknowledgement, brought the reality full circle. Akosua was head over heels for the handsome man.. She asked herself over and over what the course of her life would be like if she had selected Kwame in the first place. Would the nights continue to be filled with passion or fade just as they had with Ebo? One evening as they strolled down the river walk taking in the gorgeous sights of the city evening, Kwame's soul troubled him. "Akosua, you know I care for you.... what do you suggest we do about the current situation. You do realize I can not carry on as the other man for so long. I wish to establish myself here in this country as well... to begin a family. You are my dream woman, perfectly my taste..." he trailed off. Sorrow washed over Akosua. She knew this day would come, and she honestly was so indifferent on what to do. On one hand.. she had gotten very accustomed to the lifestyle that Ebo had provided her, however, she didn't feel like it should come at the expense of her emotional happiness. She had long considered to go, even before Kwame had come into her life, but he certainly put it on the forefront. Akosua didnt work so financially, she was completely dependent on Ebo. He had bought her Mercedes and gave her a weekly stipend for gas, shopping and food. Whenever she considered to go, money was always the main concern she had. It was beyond obvious that she loved Kwame though... when they were apart, she dreamed of him & his sweet kisses. She longed to be at his side as the silence in her home ate her up.... "Kwame, I want all of the same things you do, and I love you so much" she answered without hesitation. Kwame's big smile spread across his smooth chocolate face, but then it quickly faded. "I could never ask you to leave your husband, but until you make a choice on what to do i believe that we should stop all this quality time. I love you as well, and it pains me greatly when you must leave me to go to your husband." Tears streamed Akosua's face instantly. "I respect you Kwame, I could not rightfully ask you to wait for me to organize myself. Financially I am in no position to move away. My husband cares for all my finances" she quietly spoke, "but I know the absence of each other's presence will not stop the love, not one bit". Kwame looked at the ground, he didnt want to stop seeing her, but he knew it was for the best. He didn't want God to be displeased with him for carrying on with a married woman, and he also feared a backlash from her unknown husband. "This may be true, but we must stop it. The sooner the better" he finished. The two avoided eye contact as they walked to their separate cars. "Please do take care of yourself honey" Kwame broke the silence. Akosua was visibly torn, and simply nodded as the sound of his voice triggered more tears. "Good evening" she replied and quickly got into her car. Kwame felt low, but he knew that something had to give... The more he was with her... the more he wanted her, and he knew as it stood, he could not have her.

Monday, May 20, 2013


A wash of emotions came over Kwame.. Akosua had continued to be on his mind since the evening at the club, and here she was.. again, standing before him at the market. Akosua was blushing uncontrollably. She couldn't believe she had run into Kwame again so soon. Her brown skinned was even toned. Kwame was smitten. Her big brown eyes twinkled at Kwame.. this moment was to intense for both of them. "Madam, I don't even believe you mentioned your name last evening?" "I am Akosua" she replied bashfully. Something about this man made Akosua so shy, but she loved it. As she looked up at the tall chocolate Kwame, she noticed his full lips.. Suddenly she felt the urge to kiss him... to wrap him in a hug. I had been weeks since she had had any affection from Ebo. She pulled her thoughts back.. Kwame was having an profound effect on her, and it was scaring her. "Perhaps we could have a coffee sometime, I mean, As friends of course" she boldly blurted. Kwame's eyes got big at the shocking request. Under any usual circumstances he would refuse to entertain a married woman, but Akosua was absolutely irresistible. This was the beginning...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


As Akosua prepared dinner for Ebo's return. She felt so much in despair. She had asked God why her marriage was going in the way that it was, and when or if it would get better. In the beginning, Ebo had been so sweet... noticing every detail. Coming from an affluent family, it had always been Akosua's wish to have a loving husband. the home environment she was raised in was very contractual. Her father, Kofi, brought in the money ,meanwhile her mother, Abana, held down the household & children. There were no kisses that Akosua could see... no surprise gifts or romantic trips.Vowing to be different, Akosua, the oldest of three daughters and two sons, was very selective in finding a mate.. She had almost become somewhat of a trophy, because she had rejected so many sons of prominent members of the community. The day she met Ebo, she was impressed. He seemed to be humble but ambitious.. but it was so obvious that he loved her, quickly. When he surprised her with a proposal on one of their many impromptu dates, Akosua did not hesitate to respond. Both families were elated about the union. The wedding took place very soon after the engagement, as both Ebo and Akosua couldn't wait to begin their life together. Within the first year of marriage, they fought continuously...and the household was tense. Akosua held on her strong Christian faith, maintaining that God had delivered this husband to her, and that it would get better. It wasn't until the third year that she began to lose hope.... Everyone had told her marriage was tough, but how long was there to be friction? Ebo refused to bend to her tearful pleas for more affection and intimacy, assuring her that her luxurious life was enough, and that Akosua was ungrateful. Ebo's strong approach to his wife, widened the distance. Akosua pondered fate..... if this was God's plan for her life or if there was someone else, or more to it. How long should Akosua invest or hope... meanwhile life passes by so quickly.... She was at a loss at what to do. As she prepared his favorite rice, she realized she was without the plaintains that always accompanied this meal. She pulled the rice off the stove, and slid some sandals on her bare feet to run to the market to purchase some. The African market was not far off her house, and in no time she was pulling up and rushing inside. As she pulled open the door, Kwame was before her, sexy as ever. She gasped, knowing immediately who he was. "Madam" he spoke shyly as he backed up from the doorway allowing her to pass. "Kwame".... she said, blushing. "how have you been?" she politely asked. "I am managing.. life in America is not easy, but with the Lord's help, I will be made strong" he replied earnestly.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mr. Ebo Otanga

Ebo, Akosua's husband, sat in an empty office furiously typing away at his computer. Glancing at the clock, he noticed it was nearing midnight. "Perhaps, it is enough" he thought as he folded some papers and gathered his laptop. Ebo had tediously worked his way up the corporate latter at the experienced Partners Marketing Group. Ebo was the director of the education division that outfitted many commercials for local universities and colleges. He felt confident and content with his life except for one particular area, his wife Akosua. It seemed that with all the luxuries he provided for her, she still was unhappy. They had no children, at her beckoning.. claiming that Ebo was always on the road, and that she didn't want to be a single married mother to any offspring they would have. Ebo didn't understand her... so many women would be pleased with all that he graciously provided Akosua, but she was distant and often frustrated. He sighed at the confusion of it. He partially believed being in the midst of the U.S. was to blame.. because if they resided in their native Ghana, he was certain Akosua would be happy. He believed the wretched media was influencing his wife to desire passionate nights filled with lovemaking, walks in the park and probing stimulating conversations. As he fastened his Calvin Klein tan trench coat he prepared to leave the Minnesota interim office. He would be returning to Atlanta early the next day, and dreaded the cold reception that commonly accompanied his homecomings. he had always thought with time, they would be able to smooth over the rough areas, but Akosua had only become more and more bitter. Ebo lived by the mantra that tomorrow is another day, another chance to turn it around.... and even with the uncertain thoughts of his wife and marriage... he concluded to let tomorrow worry about itself upon leaving the office.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Oh Akosua

Into the cloak of night she fled the bustling party. She was so shaken by Kwame and the strong connection she felt with him, she couldn't enjoy the party without wondering where he was and if he was watching. It was so unnerving. As she drove into the warm summer night, she observed a pair of lovers holding hands, smiling and occasionally stopping to kiss, oblivious of any possible onlookers. Her thoughts went to her unhappy challenging marriage, she couldn't even remember happy times with Ebo.. day by day, it felt as if she was grinding against stone. Ebo was so serious, and focused on tomorrow, it made it difficult to enjoy life at his side. Akosua had long been considering her options as the years brought no improvement. It had been so long since she felt the passionate fire that Kwame stirred in her. Pulling up to a darkened house, Akosua resolved to see him again.....

Monday, April 29, 2013

Mr Kwame Fuseni

As he watched the mystery woman exit the club, he felt some sort of void. Surrounded by vibrant party-goers, he couldnt escape the overwhelming feeling of loneliness. He headed towards the bar to have another drink to drown out his repetitive thoughts. Kwame was new to the states, relocating from Germany. Kwame had migrated with hopes of finding true love and fufilling career. over and over in his mind, he reminded himself that the sweet brown lady had kindly told him she was married as well as flashed a big shiny diamond wedding ring on her hand. Why she still was on his thoughts boggled him, but secretly he knew why. Kwame was a very shy man by nature, which was in total contrast to his huge frame. He stood 6'3 tall, 265 solid chocolate pounds. It had taken him all the courage in the world to approach her in the first place. Something about her set her apart from all the others in the club. Perhaps it was her confidence or her beauty... but Kwame couldn't get her off his mind. After two more beers, he gathered his thoughts and headed to the door to hail a taxi back to his downtown apartment. As he settled into one of the waiting cabs outside the club and the driver began to head in the direction of his home, Kwame took in all the sights of a bustling Atlanta friday night. He found it saddening that with so many people around him, he felt alone. Moving to the States had been a bold move for him, and he had no immediate family in proximity. With only a distant cousin located in Las Vegas he was the only one from his family in the U.S. He had been living in Atlanta for nearly a year, and had dated only one woman. He eased his thoughts, after all the Ghanaian community had been generous, preparing meals for him, inviting him to functions and helping him to get acclimated to the area. However, what Kwame wanted the most seemed a bit unattainable. At 39 years, he wondered if he had missed the opportunity to marry and have children, as it was unusual to reach the age without having either or both. In Germany, he had dated a German woman for many years that was obsessed with her career over establishing a family. He had waited, hoping for the day to come when they would make an addition to their love. As the years barreled by, Kwame found himself increasingly unhappy in the German environment. Racism was rampant and diversity was scarce. He arranged to journey to the States to begin a new life. It would certainly not be easy. His mind raced back to the woman at the club. He couldn't deny his overwhelming curiosity for her. The taxi pulled up to his residence. He paid the cabbie and approached his apartment door. Once inside, Kwame fell to his knees as tears streamed his face, "Lord, please... I can't not bare this loneliness anymore, please send me true love and allow me to begin a family, nothing means more to me other than you, Lord please" he prayed sincerely.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Kwame & Akosua

 She was beautiful. He was new to town... On one hot summer evening in Atlanta, Ga, Akosua decided to do something out of her comfort zone, and would prove to be a very compromising decision. Her husband, Ebo was away for business as usual. Ebo was very handsome, but a workaholic, which often left Akosua feeling lonely and neglected. She had heard a few co workers discussing a new African club, YIE earlier in the afternoon over lunch that had aroused her curiosity. Akosua lived a very charmed life. She drove a shiny black Mercedes, lived in a spacious suburban house and was consistently draped in the finest clothes.. however, Akosua would trade all the material things to have a very intimate connection with her husband, which she undoubtedly lacked. Ebo & Akosua had tried many things to infuse passion into their strained marriage, but it seemed that it never improved. Akosua blamed Ebo for traveling too much for work, and Ebo encouraged Akosua to find more things to do constructive with her time. The tension was always thick in their house, so on this night, Akosua simply wanted to unwind. Rarely the one for the party scene, she carefully picked out something sexy to wear upon arriving home from work. Somewhat excited, she showered, fixed her hair in a gorgeous updo, and painted her lips red to stand out from her black mini dress. She met a close friend, Adzo for a bit of dinner before heading over the club. As she entered the upscale club she saw very well dressed men & woman enjoying the nightlife, it was almost instantly she laid eyes on him, and him on her. Somewhat shaken from the intense eye connection, Akosua broke the gaze and began to move toward the dance floor, the Dj had just begun to play her favorite Azonto track. It wasn't a moment later before the incredibly handsome, tall mystery man was before her. His smile was perfect, his stylish suit fit his muscular frame succinctly.  Softly, he spoke "Good evening you gorgeous creature, I am Kwame. I would very much appreciate your company on this evening" the gentleman calmly requested. Looking over his smooth chocolate covered skin, Akosua was taken aback. He was even more stunning up close, and his cologne was irresistible. Without attempting to conceal anything from the fine looking man, "she blurted "I'm married sir, although I find you strikingly attractive.", hoping this would discontinue the conversation quickly. Kwame, looking noticeably disappointed, quickly apologized and excuse himself. From that point, they both tried to enjoy the evening, but were unable to control how the other was dominating their thoughts. Becoming frustrated at the situation she was in, Akosua left the party after only an hour. Kwame had stirred a forbidden desire in her that she could not rightfully entertain. As Akosua exited the party, Kwame's eyes followed her from the corner he had been standing, observing her,. He was unhappy that she was indeed married because he had detected the very strong connection between them within moments.... Little did they both know, it was only the beginning.