Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Thin Line

As anger welled up in her throat.. It was becoming painfully obvious. Kwame had chosen to proceed with his new girlfriend, over moving forward with Akosua. She was livid. All the love and passion she had for Kwame was transforming into hate. Making her question the validity of it in the first place. Now in an equal position, Kwame chose not too sacrifice, although he had expected Akosua to make one… Perhaps it was true that Kwame had his motives in the first place, and his love was never true. Many questions swirled her head as time slowly passed by and she heard no response from him. Akosua supposed that desperate people would rather take anything than wait, prepare or sacrifice for the better suited option. As she released him from her heart.. she wished him and his second choice all the best in the world…. A cheap substitute to the real thing, but a lot less risky…. Shaking her head she realized that the world as a whole is so mislead.. always willing to suffer through life because maybe they think they don’t deserve true happiness, never willing to make the tough choices. She resolved that after this sad situation that no one would ever have her whole heart again.. no one was true, and no one was worthy of it. 

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