Saturday, May 14, 2016


Akosua was so different than most African girls. She was deep.. intellectual, and instead of a provider she was looking for a soul-mate; a lover. She had outgrown both Kwame and Ebo's antics; Kwame's emotional rollercoaster and Ebo's callous selfish personality. She wanted both elements within reason.. and was so troubled at the difficulty of finding it. Was it really feasible? Was it that other couples were being deceptive? Was anyone in love? Was there any hope of connecting with another intellectual? Since her divorce, Akosua struggled to connect with anyone. She maintained no contact with either from her past, and often thought intently on what steps she could take to find love for her future. She was well aware that her youth was gradually fading away along with her child bearing years. She had never felt comfortable to bring children into the empty bitter home she once shared with Ebo. She wanted her kids to experience the essence of what a loving family was like. After recently learning that Ebo had a bouncing baby boy with some former classmate of his, she felt increasingly more pressured.. to jump start her life.

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