Friday, January 24, 2014

Bitter Emotions

The month's barreled by as Akosua and Kwame had no contact. She would think of him often, but his rage prevented them from keeping any remote level of friendship. Kwame had begun the process of stripping her from his life. He moved into a new place and began dating someone else, although Akosua was all that he desired. Akosua settled the affair in her heart and began trying to piece together the broken pieces of her marriage. Ebo had suggested counseling as he was vested in repairing the brokeness between the two of them. Around the community, rumors swirled of the once passionate affair, but soon it was old news. Akosua longed to communicate with Kwame, to at least be on amicable terms.. but she understood that for him to move forward , it required him to villianize her. There was no in between ground, and Akosua found it unfortunate. Kwame convinced himself that Akosua's love was never real, because it if was then they would be together.... Any way the situation was looked at.. all that remained was a trail of bitter emotions between the lovers.

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